Monkey Poo Fight

Throw poop at the other other monkeys to take them out. PRESENTS
Monkey Poo Fight
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How To Play

Follow the in-game instructions to play


  • KING


  • emma the pissed


  • the one who hates emma the pissed

    you need your mouth washed out with soap!!!!!!!!!!! from yo moma

  • eh

    from what i figured out A: throws poop Left and right arrows: move but i cant figure how to jump

  • kittykitty1234

    how do u play?! i couldnt figure it out.... doesnt anyone know how to play?

  • cozza the the syco

    s to jump

  • sh!teater1001

    i love to eat shit and I don't need my mouth washed out. EAT SH!T ALL YOU MONKEY HATING BUMHOLES!!

  • poopmomma

    If you like to eat poo, please join my forum at Thank you so much you would be doing my dog a great favour :)

  • t54ft


  • poo

    ohhhh a poo game i love shit iam craping now in my pants

  • kiss my vagina

    kiss my vagina btches

  • poo

    no iam good

  • jack

    how the hell do this

  • this game is fuckin bad

    thats so fuckin bad

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  • jakbasher

    all you guys suck this game is awesome

  • HideMyAss

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  • this game is shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this game is soooooooo shit

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